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The College Crest
The charming crest of the College Is more than symbolic for this rural and progressive College. The twin peacocks roosting on the Time Wheel of the Sun Temple of Konark on a resting posture with on ancient oil lamp and on open book set inside the Wheel speak much more of the aims and objectives of the College. The peacocks symbol/se 1Iie glorious tradition of Moyurbhanj in Art, Culture and Literature. The Wheel of Konark Is to symbollse the glories of Orissa In varied fields while the ancIent oil lamp burns Immaculately to dispel the darkess of Ignorance. It Is the herald of new light and. wisdom when associated with the open book, the sysmbol of Knowledge and Wisdom. The absence of any motto is thus amply compensated. The omission of the motto gives in to any new idea. or thought. The emblem Is thus all embracing like the vedic and puranic Ideals of our glorious past.