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The College possesses a beautiful library with a handsome collection of books, periodicals and audio cassettes. The library re­mains open from 10.30A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on all working days. There are more than six thousand titles at present over and above the periodicals and audio cassettes. The special feature of the library are its collection on Indian Culture, regular purchase of 39 periodicals and journals and a small audio system with audio cassettes on different rare topics. These however do not including  the newspapers.

The Reading Room:
The Reading Room i s attached to the library with a seating arrangement for 50 students. It usually opens from 2 P.M. onwards.

Readers' Forum:
There is provision of a Readers' Forum in the College which functions on the Reading Room premises. Here the students contribute every month for the purchase of certain journals and periodicals of their choice. The opening hours are decided according to the convenience of the members of the Forum & the College.

Journals and Periodicals:
The library is proud of its journals and periodical collections. The College subscribes to 39 titles regularly. There are presently more than 2000 copies to the credit of the Library. The staff members and students are allowed to use them inside the Library only. The old issues are, however, issued outside on special  session of the officer l/C, Library. The periodicals are being bound in volumes with a view to providing research facility in future.

The Audio Section:
The unique feature of the Library is its Audio Section where there is arrangement for listening to audio cassettes of varied ranges. The College plans to add a visual Section to the Library by cassettes and computer technology.

The Rules:
1.The first Pre-requisite of the Library is SILENCE.
2. Books are issued to the students on their specified days only. The returns are also made on the specified days.

Each borrower must examine the condition of the books and point out to the issuing personnel the mutilations if any, before they are issued, otherwise in case of mutilation discovered later, the responsibility shall lie with the borrower. In such case the borrower shall have to pay a fine as shall be determined by the librarian.

The librarian has the authority to issue or not to issue a book depending on stock-position and the demand.

Books of reference, maps, calendars, courses of studies, questionnaires, University & Council question papers and other documents and rare collections shall not ordinarily be issued outside the library.

Only the old periodicals can be issued for overnight reading to the members of the staff alone. No new periodicals shall be issued. In case of loss the book must be replaced or a fine at the rate of 15% per year on the purchase price and year to be collected.