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College Rules

1. The Academic Session of the College is from June to May.
2. Commencement of Classes: Dates of Commencement of classes are notified after the re-opening of the College.

3.Admission :- Students are to apply in the prescribed form for admission within 15 days from the date of publication of HSC & CHSE Results or as notified by the College.

4. Selections are made on merit basis. In case of controversy
or dispute, the Principal is the final authority.

5. A candidate who takes admission in the College besides abiding by the rules and regulations of the College must consider the College to be his property. He must see to its beauty, decency and decorum. He must not mutilate the College walls or disfigure them. He must not damage electrical or electronic equipments provided to a room / hall. In such case he should remember that those articles have been possible by a private body without much Govt. help.

6.A student must always be in possession of a valid Identity Card till he passes out. A Valid Identity Card means the Identity Card with renewals done. In case of loss of the Identity Card, the student should obtain a duplicate on payment of Rs. 5/- at the Admission Counter.

7. For other guidelines the students need refer to the College Prospectus 2004-2005 and the notices on the College Notice Boards.