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The objectives of the Guild is to grant stipends to the needy and deserving students and to consider regarding free studentship to the students of the College.


The Principal as ex officio President controls the fund of the Guild and can amend or alter any of the rules of the constitution.

There is an Executive Committee consisting of the following. (a) President – Principal (Ex-officio).
(b) Vice-President - nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.
(c) Secretary - to be elected from among the members of the College Union.
(d) Asst. Secretary to be elected from among the members of +2 Cultural Association.

The Secretary has to convene General and Executive Body meetings and the record proceedings of all meetings. He will invite applications for help from poor students of the College.

The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the Guild.

The Selection of S.S.G. is made on the following terms and conditions.

This scholarship shall not be awarded to S. C. and S. T. students.

The students should not apply for any other scholarship.

The income of the parents I guardian should not be more than Rs.10000/-.

The students should produce their income certificates of their parents or guardian from Sarapanch I Ward Members of their locality.

Not more than one child of the same parents will be entitled to get the scholarship.

The students 'must attend the classes regularly.

If the office finds any false statement made by the applicant, his/her scholarship will be withdrawn from him/her.

This award of scholarship depends on the satisfaction of the Principal I Vice-President. ­