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The College possesses a beautiful library with a handsome collection of books, periodicals and audio cassettes. The library re¬mains open from 10.30A.M. to 4.30 P.M. on all working days. There are more than six thousand titles at present over and above the periodicals and audio cassettes. The special feature of the library are its collection on Indian Culture
The charming crest of the College Is more than symbolic for this rural and progressive College. The twin peacocks roosting on the Time Wheel of the Sun Temple of Konark on a resting posture with on ancient oil lamp and on open book set inside the Wheel speak much more of the aims and objectives of the College. The peacocks symbol/se 1Iie glorious tradition of Moyurbhanj in Art, Culture and Literature.

1. The Academic Session of the College is from June to May.
2. Commencement of Classes: Dates of Commencement of classes are notified after the re-opening of the College.

  • Welcome to our College
  • It was perhaps a nectary moment of that Friday afternoon of 25th May 1984 when a handful of local enthusiasist set down to write the recorded history of this insignificant place when they laid down the foundation stone of a College at Baiganbadia. 'Then 11'ho knew this infant institution would grow up to such gigantic size and Curve a special niche in the educational map of Orissa But l0 ! the humble beginning with only four students, crossed the fifteen hundred mark in its  stride.